Benefits of Sports for Kids

Obesity, diabetes and overall poor health are major concerns among kids at present. Unlike the old days, present day kids are found on the computer, mobile phone or watching TV with less or no outdoor activity at all. They ultimately become lethargic which can lead to serious physical illnesses as mentioned above and mental illnesses too as depression. However, participating in extracurricular activities will keep them fit and healthy so here are some of the benefits of sports for kids.

  1. Develop self-esteem

The biggest fault in parents is pushing all children in academics and making them feel that they are nothing if they are not bright students. This needs to be changed. Not all kids have the same talent; some may be good at studies while some are better in sports, music, dancing etc. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child feels good about their talent. Sports will help build such self-esteem. A pat on the back, a coach’s praise, a high five with a teammate can boost your child’s confidence immensely, making them feel that they are worthy.

  1. Stay fit

As said above, technology has made our children lethargic as everything is at their fingertips. They no longer have to walk to their friend’s place to do a team assignment since video calling has emerged. Likewise, other technological advancements have made life too easy which makes them couch potatoes and causes deterioration of children’s health. Enroll them in any sport they like or even at the local kids gym and make it a point to take them there at least twice a week.

  1. Accept defeat

Your child needs to learn that not all work in his favour. An upcoming psychological problem in children is that they are so used to getting what they want hence as soon as it doesn’t happen, they become uncontrollable. Your children will learn to accept both victory and defeat if they engage in a sport. They will learn to play by the rules, build self-discipline, respect the winners and not be mad at their own teammates for losing.

  1. Social skills

Making friends is vital for the mental development of kids. They will learn to communicate, coordinate and work as a team for a common goal. The interaction with different aged children will help them learn how to behave with all of them. They will experience a sense of belonging; ‘my team’, and will also learn to hold leadership in teams and guide each of the teammates to victory. If they lose, it will be the responsibility of all and not just one.

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