How Often Should People Change Their Eyewear

Many people go for long periods of time without changing their eyewear. Sometimes it could be for monetary reasons and sometimes it is because we assume we can see clearly. However that might not be the case always, and not changing them at the correct time can really impact your eyesight negatively.

Though we may understand this to be true, how do we know when to change them? What factors do we consider? Experts suggest that you should have a routine eye examination just like any other health practice, and if you carry out these routine tests, your optician will be able to recommend when you need to change these.

Experts recommend adults and children over six years of age to have their examinations done every two years. This would be good as you will be able to buy kids glasses early on if any issues are detected in the eyesight of the children. For the elderly and the old, it is recommended that an eye exam be done at least once every year. This will help detect some of the more serious issues such as cataract and even glaucoma. If you are already wearing glasses, it is recommended that you take your old pair with you so that the optician can test it and suggest any changes you may need to do. Apart from these let’s look at some other reasons as to why you may have to routinely examine your eyes and change your lenses and frames.

  • Small changes: our eyesight keeps changing over time, though these changes may be subtle, they can cause issues. You may say you can see fine, but this can be because you are seeing from both eyes. You may not however realise that by doing so you are putting a lot of strain on your eyes. Prolonged use of the same glasses in this way can really damage your eyesight. The eyes work like a camera, so if you are trying to focus on something they will adjust accordingly, making you think that you can see perfectly but it might not be the case. Therefore checking your eyesight periodically is the only way to ensure that you get the right glasses suitable for your eyes.
  • New models: just like any other modern technology, ways and means of designing and developing eye wear are always changing. Scientists and designers are working always to make things better so that frame design and lenses are able to serve the wearer better and for longer periods of time. If you are looking for designer prescription glasses this is a good opportunity to always consult your optician and get a new pair. You will benefit greatly because new technologies are helping create better eyewear for different occupation related needs. For an example if you are doing a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer for long hours then these new technologies will help you greatly.

These are some of the reasons as to why continuous use of the same pair of glassless for a long period of time is not recommended.

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