Want to live a long life? Here is what you need to know

We can’t all be immortals like the Greek Gods or Voldemort, although he did die at some point. Nonetheless, us humans have a very limited life span, with so many dreams to achieve, and some might say that is what makes life more interesting. Yet that doesn’t mean you’ve got to think YOLO and live life recklessly. Instead you need to work more on living a healthy and long life. So here are some tips to help you achieve this.

Limit the food

Food is probably something that many people enjoy. Some might even show up to an ex’s wedding just because of the amazing food that is said to be laid out. While it is perfectly alrightfantasizing over food to such an extent, it is best that you limit it as well. Researchers have found that by limiting the calorie intake,the production of a thyroid hormone that causes your metabolism rate to slow down and aging process to speed up, could be controlled. So follow the practice of the Japanese by finishing up your meal when you feel 80% full.

Limit the sun exposure

Sure you could tan all you want during summer break, but do remember that too much exposure to sun has a risk of causing cancer, just like too much unhealthy foods could have you looking in to stomach cancer treatment singapore over time. Regardless of whatever beauty treatment and product you use, make sure that you always include sunscreen to this routine. Don’t focus only on your face but your hands and body as well. And make sure that you look for one which has SPF 30 or higher for ultimate protection.


Loneliness is something that many people in today’s society suffer from. And if not looked in to during the initial stages, it could even lead to a major case of depression. So take a break from all that technology that is surrounding you and reach out to actual people. Take a hike or go out for a brunch or even meet up at the comfort of your homes. Regardless of what way it might be, just try to connect with one another. This way you can eliminate such possibilities once and for all.

Don’t drink and smoke

If what happens on the inside of your body happens on the outside would you continue to smoke and drink? There have and are, so many studies conducted addressing various issues these habits cause, and the one conclusion that they all arrive to is that only does it harm you inside out but it also completely directs you further away from a long life by cutting your life span by 10 years! So if you are planning on living till 100, then you might want to cut out these habits from your life once and for all!

Living a long life is certainly great, but to achieve it you have to work hard, so start today!



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