Why everyone should have access to proper medical facility?

Medicine is a very basic need of human beings. And having proper access to medical facilities is one of the most important things in life. Sadly, though the proper medical facilities in most parts of the world is only available for the privileged few, who can afford the medical facility.

But it is only right that everyone was given equal opportunity and access to proper medical facilities.

It is a basic human right!

Proper medical care and attention is a very basic right of any human being. Whatever colour, caste, religion, educational background or status he or she may belong to. It is the responsibility of every country’s leader to ensure that all the countrymen are given access to all the necessary medical facilities. A country needs to first develop its healthcare sector and only then look into other aspects.

No one has the right to deny medical attention

No one should be given the right to deny medical attention to anyone in seek of medical attention. It is very important that each and every country has either a government institution or a private charity organization that is able to provide such free medical attention to its citizens. If as a private institution medical attention is denied to patients who don’t have sufficient money, and as a result passes away it is a crime that the entire community has to bear! Some not for profit hospitals like that of Bashir Dawood needs to be commended for being a few of the hospital that allows anyone from any walk of life to get treated in their hospital.

Lack of money has been consuming lives than ever before

The sad truth is that the inability pay up large medical bills has caused s many other people all around the globe die unnecessarily. Just because a person is unable to pay for their medical bill, they shouldn’t be denied of proper medical care and facility. That is one of the biggest problems with today’s society!

Medical staff and facilities should operate with humility and compassion

When you take medical officers who lived just a few years ago and those medical officers who operate to this day in hospitals and free medical camps, the biggest difference between them is a simple smile. People need to learn to be nice to other people despite their own personal problems that they may be experiencing! They should not be made to feel ashamed for having to come to a free medical camp to get treated for their afflictions.

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