Guidelines to Plan a Park

Outdoor parks are public places where there will be no limit of the guests who would arrive making it a center for people to gather. Therefore, there are many things that you need to consider before contacting a designer.


These are the people you should consider first and give priority to. Your place has to have fun activities for people of all ages ranging from old people to young kids. Once you have decided the place you can take a look around the neighborhood and even talk with the people living around. This way you can identify the interests of the people and can design activities that can cater to the interests of people of all ages.

Park Furniture

The comfort of the guests who will come has to be considered too. Add some park furniture such as park benches and chairs or even some table bench sets where your guests can sit and relax. Try to add some picnic tables with umbrellas as well. This way you don’t have to worry about sudden weather changes and heavy rains ruining the fun of your guests. Keep a space allocated for the parking of vehicles too.

Fitness Equipment

A park is one of the best places to do health and physical training. This would be a part much enjoyed by the young people and middle-aged people who will visit the park. Providing them the facilities to engage in such training will surely increase the value of the place. Include some outdoor fitness equipment   and make the park an open gym for the visitors where they can improve both their physical and mental health. A bicycle track too, will be a good addition.


There is no much of landscaping decoration you need to do in a park as you might do in a garden. This is because most of the ground will need to be free of any trees or bushes so the visitors can use that area for themselves. However never keep the entire land free of any decoration either. A little bit of flowering plants, a fountain or a pond and a statue or two will be the ideal decoration for the park. There are places where you can buy artificial turf hong kong which you can use for the park.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

A part that many people forget about public places is that they need to stay clean and be kept sanitary. Install public bathrooms for not just males and females but also for disabled people as well. When planning the landscape design make sure there will be a proper drainage system. Plan out a proper waste disposal method too.

When you have planned out all of the above, you can then get to the designing process. Get the help of an expert to draw a layout plan for the park and set to work. Good luck!



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