simple things you can do make your teeth look great

We all like to look good because a person’s appearance has a great impact on the impression they tend to have on the people they meet in their lives. In the bustling nation of Singapore where the large population of corporate employees are always meeting new clients, entrepreneurs and other such parties, it is crucial to project a positive and professional image by looking your best. A good set of teeth is always a great asset for this because nothing compares to the friendly hello one can greet someone with a pearly white smile. So, how can you make sure your teeth remain as healthy as they can for you to wear it like a jewel? We have listed down three simple things you can do to make sure you accomplish this.


This is no brainer and it is the simplest and most basic way to keep your teeth strong and healthy for a long time. Brushing after each meal of the day is the best way to go as it can prevent the formation and growth of bacteria inside your mouth to a great extent. Use a toothpaste that is recommended by your dentist and don’t always go for those that claim to be ‘whitening’ toothpastes. Such products will merely make the teeth look white by reducing the discoloration occurring because of bacterial stains and not contribute to the strengthening of the enamel. Don’t forget to give the proper care for your tongue as well by scraping the surface well to keep your breath fresh all-day long.

Professional care

Sometimes you need a helping hand to ensure your oral hygiene is maintained at the best possible level and who better to help you in this than your experienced dental practitioner. Paying a visit to the dentist at least once every two months is a must to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and to identify any oral diseases as early as possible so that the required level of attention can be given to curing them. If you think you are in need of some special medical treatment to correct any issues with your teeth and is looking for cosmetic dentistry Singapore offers the services of many experienced professionals who will do their best to make your smile a beautiful one.

Control your intakes

Things you eat and drink can sometimes have a negative impact on your pearly whites because of the stains contained in them. As for the liquids, colored drinks such as coffee, cola and red wine can significantly increase oral discoloration when consumes frequently. Hard candy, tomato sauce and berries are examples for food items that can have a similar effect. In addition to these, it is always advisable to avoid smoking, which is a serious culprit for oral staining. The nicotine and tar contained in tobacco can will give the teeth a yellowish-brown color which is not appealing to anyone.

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