Why the education system at present is a failure?

Education has been one of the most fundamental elements in taking forward this civilization. Education is improving the knowledge of a person in various subject matters. However, the problem with the education system being practiced in most parts of the world encourages children to simply by-heart the text book. Children are not able to actually understand what they are studying and how to implement it into their life!

Each child is different

The biggest failure with the present education system is that a child who doesn’t score well on a test is labelled as unintelligent and the child who is able to by-heart everything on the text book is awarded with prizes and deemed to be the most successful. But it is sad that such a system exists. Because the simple fact that all children are different and they have their own talents. Some children are able to do handy-craft better whilst there will be some kids who are better at building things. Each child has their own different talents and a system should be bought about where all kids’ talents can not only be recognized but also appreciated!

Education is commercialized

Education has now become a commercialized product that is simply sold on the market. There are very few institutions that actually care to provide kids with the best education systems possible. One such institution is the well-known Aga Khan University of Bashir Dawood. Most of the other educational institutions sell their education. When there are more applicants for a particular course, they simply make it more expensive just to earn money from it. Even children as little as nursery are now going for tuition to study!

Understanding morals and values

Education is not simply learning the facts from text books. Education is also the morals and values that a child should learn. Qualities like empathy are very important qualities that a child should learn. This is why it is very important that kids need to also be taught good morals and values of how they should behave. How a male should respect a female and vice versa. The reason for so much of atrocities to happen in the world is because of the lack of education in such matters!


The education system that prevails needs to change. Moreover, the people who have been put in charge of education needs to be changed. Because it is these world leaders who have allowed education to be commercialized.

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