Achieve your dream body in a few steps

A gorgeous body is everyone’s dream. Whether it is fit or healthy is another matter. However a fact to remember is when you are fit and healthy you will have a body which you can be proud of. Of course, the output in the shape and form of the “body” depends on what you have input as food and exercise.


What to do?


There are many advices, articles, blogs and whatnot on what to do. You must not eat fatty food, carbs and sugar; you must drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. But some of these may seem extreme, if not impossible. Anyone who is a working adult knows the hardships they have to go through with household chores, attending to kids and office work. Balancing the career and personal life is in itself a chore. However what you must realize is that none of this stand as excuses; if you search in the internet you may observe many a people who can’t even get up from the bed due to various illnesses doing so many things. People missing limbs, farming and painting. Cooking and keeping house. So there is nothing such as “I can’t”, it is just a matter of convincing yourself.

How can this be achieved?


Changing the eating habits is easy. You just have to convince your mind to see the bad when it is there. For example French fries, dripping oil can be a yummy treat, but if you can imagine your tummy bulged out, you are unable to wear a decent sized pant and even your kids go wide eyed when they see you, that is motivation enough to say no. Saying no is not easy; to properly practice it, it takes a long time. But we are not looking at such a hard and fast mindful situation. So you must take it in to your heart to say no when you see things that can be harmful to your own self. Science is so developed now, you can get an eye bag removal done to make yourself look better, but there is a limit to what medicine and science can do. And it is better if you do it yourself than letting a surgery knife.

Simple things


You can do simple things as exercise; take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to the store and walk to office if it’s nearby. Take a stroll in the park with your kid in the evening. In today’s busy world some people are under so much of stress of work they don’t get to see and chat with their kids even sometimes. Psychological health is an important step to have a physically fit body. It is amazing when you actually think about it, but the saying that “what you think you become” is not untrue. So think of yourself as a fit person.


Shaping and reshaping your body is within your own responsibility. So do not let your desires take the best of you.

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