How to look after your teeth, gum & mouth

Be it adults or kids, it is important to look after your mouth. Keeping your teeth, gum and mouth clean will actually prevent any kind of infection and diseases and it can also reduce any kind of tooth pains and sicknesses. You will also feel fresh and nice when you have a clean and healthy teeth, it will also keep your breath fresh and not stink at all. When it comes for cleaning your teeth, you have to make sure you clean and brush your teeth two times a day to get rid of any kind of germs and bacteria’s inside your mouth. Below are some of the tips for a healthy mouth and teeth.

Brushing the teeth twice a day.

You have to make sure you brush your teeth twice every day to avoid tooth replacement options Singapore. Which is morning before breakfast and the last thing before going to bed. This way it will take any bad breath from your mouth and take the stains away. You basically don’t have to eat or drink any colored juices or food once you have brushed. But you have to makes you brush no matter what.

You can also use a small toothbrush which has small bristles since hard bristles will damage the gums and make it bleed. When it comes for brushing most of dentists recommends brushing every side of the tooth along with the gums and this should basically take few minutes in total.  You also should use specific type of toothpastes that contains fluoride. And children under 6 will need to use a special kind of toothpaste.

How to keep the toothbrush safe from germs

Once you are done brushing make sure you wash your tooth brush in running water and store it in a clean and dry place and you should not share your toothbrush with someone else as well since this can spread germs. You also have to replace your toothbrush often.

Use tooth friendly foods and drinks

To keep your gums and teeth healthy you have to choose foods and drinks that will not stain your teeth. Once you are done with a meal, you have to finish your meal by drinking a glass of water this will basically wash your mouth and teeth. You also have to drink tap water instead of any kind of frizzy drinks, since it will cause tooth decays.Milk & cheese are also some of the tooth friendly food which will help to repair any kind of tooth enamels.

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